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My time earning my certifications allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience on multiple training techniques. I learned which are effective and which are not. I also learned how to properly apply each technique to get the best results. I only use training methods that are safe and fun for the dog and also for you and me. I will never cause any harm to your dog. My training method is primarily positive, reward based training.

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I joined the Navy when I was 20 years old and honorably served four years. After leaving the navy in 2013, I started exploring my options on what to do next. I wanted to do something that I loved to do and would have a positive impact on other lives. After much time of exploring, I finally found something I was good at, helping dogs. Dogs have always been a big part of my life. Since I was little, I always had a special connection with four legged friends. That is why I decided to enroll in professional dog training classes to learn how to be a well educated and experienced dog trainer. Heightened Instincts was formed by me after taking dog training courses and receiving my certifications. I received my first certifications in professional dog training and in pet first aid and CPR. I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience of dogs. I continued my education and earned my Master Dog Trainer certification. My dog training programs will ensure that your dog is well behaved and obedient. My services provide reliable and simple solutions to meet all your needs and your dogs needs. I am dedicated to offering quality dog training services and offer my services at competitive prices. My training goes beyond the basic obedience and simple behavioral issues. I have learned to understand dogs and that a problem is not solved by just looking at the problem. In order to effectively solve a behavioral problem, you need to know what is causing it. My training has allowed me to find the root cause and solve them effectively. I believe every dog should be given the opportunity to be helped. I will work with you to help your dog become a well behaved pet. My commitment to helping dogs and quality training makes Heightened Instincts a top dog training company.


In 2016, I enrolled at Animal Behavior College in Valencia, CA. There I learned many new things about dog behavior and dog training techniques. I also volunteered at shelters during my time there. I rehabilitated many dogs and helped find forever homes for them. I was not only able to receive very educational lessons, I was also able to receive valuable hands on training. I gained valuable experience during my time at Animal Behavior College. I worked with many dogs, helped with group classes, and taught private lessons. I studied and trained many hours. Upon successful completion of the course, I earned my certification in dog training. I also received my pet first aid and CPR certification there. After Animal Behavior College, I traveled across country to attend another dog training school. I enrolled at Highland Canine Training LLC, School for Dog Trainers. There, I was able to build on the knowledge I had received at Animal Behavior College. I went more into depth on different training techniques and received valuable hands on training. I was able to work with many dogs and gain more valuable experience. I also learned many different categories of dog training, such as trailing, detection and protection. I learned from and trained with some of the worlds finest dog trainers who have been training for many years. After successful completion of Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers course, I received my certification as a Master Dog Trainer.

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